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    my treo 650 turns itself off whenever it is in the cold. Has anyone else experienced that and, of so, how did you fix it?
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    I have had mine lock-up and not turn on, apparently because it was too cold on a window-sill overnight in winter. Solution : Under my pillow overnight seems to work.
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    Well now. Honestly!
    Under the pillow may work, but in essence means: keep device at room temp!

    H'mm, now for a more practical and realistic solution:
    As you may be well aware of: today's electronic devices are not meant to work like the "Terminator", they are faulty, at best. So with that in mind, always remember to take precautions and think wisely. Lecture OVER!

    Best advice:
    1. ALWAYS, ALWAYS keep your T650 in a case!

    2. When outdoors, try to wear a jacket that has a pocket that fits your T650!

    3. If hooked onto your belt/pants, etc.: Always try to wear a jacket long enough to cover and break any direct windflow from reaching your device.

    4. If carried in a backpack, etc.:
    If below 20 degrees -
    Then place T650 in a frontside insulated pocket of the bag or deeper
    within the bag.
    If your bag is nylon only - then get some fleece and cut it to size
    of pocket and insert into pocket then fasten it.
    super glue, quick-hem liquid stuff (see HSN), safety pins,
    or needle & thread (more time consuming!).

    These options should work well, as they have for me! And I've never once had my device react negatively in the cold. Maybe because I knew to protect ANY (man-made device) from jumpstreet. And believe me, it does get cold here some days down to -70+ degrees!

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