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    When I have the sound off I get a vibrating alert. Is there a way to change the setting so I don't get the vibrating alerts 24/7? I have looked but can't figure it out. I'd like to turn it off 10pm - 6am if possible. Thanks Dorothy
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    Hi Dorothy, you say your are using Sprint Mobile to get your gmail email? Have you tried just configuring Versamail to get your gmail? It can do it. I personally bought ChatterEmail and installed that on my 755 and use it to get my gmail. I use it in the IMAP mode and I can have true Push email, where it is constantly online with the gmail server (so that I instantly get my emails) or I can choose any amount of time between getting the email, like every 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Also, Chatter has the option of Sleeping between any hours that you choose. I have mine set to Sleep between 11pm and 8am.

    they have a nice long free trial period, if you want to try it: : Facebook
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    It sounds like you have your phone set to vibrate when it is in the silent mode. You can change that by going to the Sounds icon, and under application, select messaging. Then change the setting for vibrate from "When Sound Off" to "Never". That will also disable the vibrate for any text messages, but it will also stop it from going off with any new mail. It doesn't let you select the times you want it, it is only an either/or situation.

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