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    I use my Prism to go back and forth from work to home. I sync with outlook at work and get all the work email with it. I was wondering if there was anyway to KEEP that mail and then when I am at home have it sync with netscape. I was thinking that way on the way to work I could do personal email as well as work stuff.
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    There are a couple of ways to work around this, neither of them as convenient as you might like. I'm not aware of a single program that will synch from two different Email clients into, effectively, the same "Inbox" on your Prism. What I have done is disabled email synching at work, and collected all my email via Outlook at home (both personal and business, leaving work email on the server for seven days). That way when I synch at home I have all my email on my way into work. You could obviously do it vice-versa. If there is ever a critical email you needed to bring with you, just enable email in the custom synch menu on your work machine, grab the email there, knowing that the next time you synch at home it will be there too, along with your personal email. You will be without your personal email during that window, but so what?

    Trying to use two different email clients, even to separate work and home accounts, is a bad long term strategy. I long ago abandoned Nescape Mail and Eudora to unify everthing with Outlook 2000. My life has been much simpler (not because Outlook was any better mind you, only that maintenance is easier.

    Or you could purchase a third party PDA email client and use that to synch with Netscape, and leave Palm Mail to synch with Outlook. But then you'd have two different mail apps to negotiate. Which may also not be a big deal.
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    I dont mind if I have two different apps. I would like that than everything grouped into one big program. I want to keep work and personal seperate but I want to be able to get them both. Syncing work emails only at work and then Personal only at home.
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    If you don't mind 2 apps, try using Eudora's product to sync to your Netscape mail at home. Check it out at

    Brian Baker

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