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    I know that Palm is NOT RECOMMENDING to use DT 4.1.4 w Centro.
    But the DT 6.2.2 is so bad ... I made it !!! I do not understand the move they made !!!

    Everything works fine w 4.1.4 and Centro ... but the network configuration.

    On my DT 4.1.4 I had a Treo 700p w Verizon and now I have a Centro w Bell Canada.
    At the first synch, after a hard reset and succeeding to have the network connecting, the old setup (700p Verizon) is transfered to the Centro and an 0x7301 error apear.

    The only way to have the network connection is a hard resest and reentering the new config.

    What would be the way the old DT database will remember the new Bell Canada network setup ?

    Otherwise I am very satisfied with the Centro... even if the keyboard is smaller... one day we will need to invent a finger sharpener !!!

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    If you rename your backup folder located at C:/program files/palm or palm one/[Hotsync Username]/backup

    to backup.old or backupold then resync the Centro this will pull all your contact data but not the programs or settings for your 700p

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