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    Anyone having an issue with the Anniversary field not syncing with your Centro? I had no problem with my old 700p but now I've noticed it no longer works.

    The only related site I could find on it:
    Address Book "Anniversary" not Sync'ing - PalmInfocenter Forums
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    Believe the Vista Desktop provided to Palm by Access does not have features that Palm provided in older versions of Desktop. If you are not running Vista, you may want to go back to Palm Desktop 4.2.
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    According to Palms site:

    Birthdays and Anniversary reminders that appear in the Calendar on your Palm device will not appear in the Calendar in the Palm Desktop application. This does not apply to manually created Calendar events; it only applies to reminders triggered from the Contacts application fields for Birthday and Anniversary on your device. These reminders will not appear in Palm Desktop, but they will be backed up on your computer when you sync, and they will be restored to your Palm device if you erase your device and then sync to retrieve data from a backup.
    My issue is not with the calendar not reflecting the anniversary date, but having the contact field "Anniversary" synced between the desktop and device

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