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    Has anyone seen TealOS from tealpoint? Looks like it came out today and works on current palm devices. Looks pretty cool, even has the popup wave launcher. Could this have been what was running on that centro from the story a few days ago that appeared to be webOS?
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    Just download. This thing is pretty slick.
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    That is a pretty complete app. Look at the manual. Lots of features.

    I installed it on my wife's Centro and it looks very good. However, in the first 10 minutes it reset the phone twice and her phone never resets.

    Both times it was updating launcher categories and I think it resets while looking for apps on the card.
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    This is very, very interesting.

    I don't think it's even remotely possible that Tealpoint could have created this app in the time since CES. If I'm right, that means Teal had knowledge of the WebOS interface well before CES. Which implies Teal will be providing WebOS apps pretty soon.
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    So that is what was running on that Centro in the news

    I really like the program so far, gives me some training for the Pre
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    Congrats to Tealpoint. There's a video demo at PalmOS Software by TealPoint

    The cards showing images of the applications open give you access to recently used applications with the sideways swipe (or L-R 5-way). Close with vertical swipe and rearrange like WebOS. It even has the wave launcher.

    A very interesting simulation of the WebOS interface on Garnet
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    Just tried this on a 680 and it works really well. I'm amazed that they have been able to do this. I know it is is only a part of what weboOS will offer but it's a nice little taster.
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    I nice geewizz app.

    It is basically a skin. It takes snapshots of the program you just used and makes "cards" out of those snapshots. It doesn't quite return you back to where the program left off as it says in the video. One app I use has a calendar and it always starts on today. I was hoping that TealOS would return me back to the day I was just on, but it does not. It restarts the app.

    So in other words it is just a launcher app, with slick functionality.

    My centro is restarting by itself as one other has said.

    I removed the app.
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    The Calendar application has a default view selection built into the application. It over rides any previous setting that tealos may be trying to pass to the application.
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    there is already a web os ripoff available for palm os software phones.

    TealOS brings Pre experience pre-Pre - Engadget
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    Awesome, I want to try it!

    Edit: So I just tried it out. I can't wait for the real thing.
    TealOS is pretty cool. They've done a great job at replicating WebOS. And it doesn't lag as bad as I expected it to.
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    I just tried version 1.03 from this morning and it is no longer crashing when accessing the microSD card. Actually it seems very stable so far.

    It looks very nice on a Centro. Now if Teal would just set up their nag screen to pop up every 10th time I hit the home button instead of every single time I hit it, I might be able to use if for a couple of days and decide if I like it. That nag screen is too aggressive!
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    That has to be one of the coolest palm launchers I have ever seen. Makes me want to go back to my Centro. If the Centro had a nicer camera/flash , Wifi etc Maybe I would. very nice software someone made.
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    Wow, this has replaced zLauncher for me! The smooth movement between the cards is amazing. I love flicking apps off the screen that I'm not using.
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    is it worth the fifteen dollars?
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    I wonder if Palm will sue them for copying their UI?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ttcoupe View Post
    I wonder if Palm will sue them for copying their UI?
    Thus the reason I bought it just in case. This can hold me over until the Pre comes out
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    Quote Originally Posted by ttcoupe View Post
    I wonder if Palm will sue them for copying their UI?
    Same thought! makes me want to buy it right away because Palm might try to take this away!
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    Ok, new bug but not too bad.

    When putting apps in categories via the "categorize" option, my last application in the list is "voice memo." I can't change Web or World Clock out of "unfiled" since they don't show up in the list.
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