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    how can I uninstall teal os? I'm having trouble removing the program
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigPapaGato View Post
    how can I uninstall teal os? I'm having trouble removing the program
    The launcher's Menu>D doesn't take care of it?? If not, use Destaller Lite, it'll def get rid of everything.
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    trying to breathe new life in to an old centro. (and avoid data plan on VZW)

    Anyone know if I can still activate and use this TealOS app?
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    I've still got my TealOS app, but haven't fired up an old device in a long time. My only advice - try and see if it works If you purchased the license before they yanked the app, it should still work. There shouldn't be any outside 'activation' needed - just the license
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    WebOS Skin for your Treo or Centro - Give your PalmOS device a webOS-style wave launcher and card interface with TealOS
    is it back up? it says released January 3, 2012 (that's the official site for it @ tealpoint)
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    Once HP released webOS as Open Source, Teal could have re-released their TealOS app. It originally was released before the Pre ever hit the market and Palm made them pull it very quickly. Looks like those legal issues are now mute.
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    Could always try Dmitry's wonderful SkinUI app. I'm using it w/ the Cobalt White theme. It's amazing how much more modern Garnet looks with it. Plus it, along with the themes, are free.

    As far as Teal, it's possible they re-released it.
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