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    That software is amazing...but I'm still waiting for my Pre. Nothing like the real thing.
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    i tried it out. Overall its pretty cool, but i'm using the trial and the registration reminders are really annoying. I dunno if I'd wanna pay $15 for it, especially since I don't know how long it will be 'til the Pre comes out.
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    Yeah, that reminder popup is annoying and so I registered. It takes a while to get your registration key be sent. They are saying around 4 days. . Oh well, it is nice and I really like it. One thing TealOS showed me is how nice the Pre would be if they kept the d-pad. I love using the 5way nav pad to navigate through the cards, still keeping the Treo a stylus free device

    EDIT: Nevermind, it can take up to that long but they sent out the key quickly. I guess the early birds don't have a long wait at the head of the line
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    Tried it and like it alot - had it been out prior I have no doubt I would have been using it all along.
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    The next update they should add the ability to search for apps when your in the home screen. Doesn't need universal as the regular find function works pretty good. If they are up to a challenge than yeah, a universal search be very handy project to work on
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    The registration key finally came in about 4 hours. Not too bad. Here are my thoughts.
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    This is really impressive!! Works great on my Treo 755p. I'm amazed at what Teal Point has been able to do with this "skin", it's pretty awesome!
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Homie View Post
    Ok, new bug but not too bad.

    When putting apps in categories via the "categorize" option, my last application in the list is "voice memo." I can't change Web or World Clock out of "unfiled" since they don't show up in the list.
    Same here.
    Also I find that the Wave Launcher moves too quickly.
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    love it! it adds a bit of functionality to my 755p AND it's loads of fun to play with! this will definitely keep me distracted until i can get the real deal. it's amazing how fast & smooth everything works.
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    Testing, oh man it is so awesome just switching between the apps. tested out browser then checked my calendar, then return back to this post with music playing in the background and everything went pretty smooth. Oh just tested that tossing the card doesn't kill the app. I tossed ptunes away and it was still playing music.
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    It's crazy that TealPoint has been able to do all of this on Garnet. , the wave launcher and cards blow me away.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    any speculation on when teal developed this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by snowboard1219 View Post
    any speculation on when teal developed this?
    don't know, but it's kinda blowing my mind that they got this to work so well, so fast & on so many devices.
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    ya i wish i could get it but my 700p got water damaged. it looks reallly cool but a bit laggy. is it?
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    well....15 dollars well spent

    this thing is AWESOME
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    im jealous...
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    just bought it too, great application.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Just FYI: it was already posted here:
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    I think it's a pretty slick app, but I agree about the lack of functionality. I'm not going to download it because I've already had the experience with the HTC Touch - a lot of "WOW", but as soon as you start using it, you realize it's the same old system underneath. I wouldn't even be thinking about the Palm Pre if this is all that Palm did to make their new device stand out.

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    In addition to duplicate threads, shouldn't this possibly be in Palm OS Software and not in the Pre section?

    And I tried it out on my old 755p and its pretty neat, but its sort of limited by Garnet anyway (obviously). For example, even if you 'close' the PocketTunes card in this, it'll keep playing music in the background. Neat to mess around with, but if I was still using my Treo, I'd stick to Initiate (aka Universal Search for the Treo). Actually if Initiate was combined with TealOS, that'd be perfect for those people who have programs they still need to run on Garnet.

    Edit: Also, the capability of renaming applications would be good, because QuickTour shows as "en=[ Quick-Tour ]" and I also put TealOS as the fifth shortcut in the 'wave-launcher' and would think that should be renamed there as "Home" or something of that sort, and I have a lot of trouble getting the 'swipe' gesture to work. But it really does do a great job of simulating the Pre, considering it runs on Garnet.
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