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    I tried the .PRC that was around for Verizon users of the 755, but it does nothing on my Centro.
    Versamail 4 is worthless to me since I only want to get mail when I hotsync, not via the network.
    Alternatively, anyone have a favorite program they use to get mail from exchange or IMAP via bluetooth/hotsync?
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    You can't go backwards on Versa mail. My question is if you only want eMail when you hot sync... you are already at your computer so why not just check them on your computer? Just asking.
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    I'm cheap. I only want to send/receive email when I have free connectivity via a computer. I don't want to use the cell network. This is the exact functionality that Versamail had for years before they "improved" it to only work with the cell network.

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