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    Just curious what people think is the best free E-Reader out there. Thanks in advance.
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    well, i have been using C Spot Run for quite some time now and have had no troubles with it. so i would have to recommend it. its free also
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    I also recommend cSpotRun. I got it with my MemPlug SM but I think it is pretty good. Least obtrusive interface. If you want to look at your word processing files on your Visor, I would go with WordSmith. Yes, if you want to use it to edit files on your Visor after the 200th editing session, you have to pay for it. However, if you just want to use it as a document reader, it works fine. It will also keep the formating as well.

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    I'd say PalmReader. The entire reason for its existence is to mimic the function of a book. IOW, there has been no thought given to editing in favor of making the reading experience better.
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    WordSmith can be used as a reader as well.
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    There's also a reader called ReadThemAll. It's not as intuitive as some others (CSpotRun comes to mind), but it's got an innovative scrolling design which I find easier to read than the traditional type.

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    Palm Reader from PeanutPress is the one I like. I use wordsmith but not for eBook reading I use it more for document editing.
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    I like the QED reader/editor. It's free except for a nag screen, and you can register to get rid of that. I really like the scrollbar indicator that lets you know how far you are into the document without taking up too much of the screen space.
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    I use iSilo Free whenever I can because it has a nice "large bold" font. A lot of readers have large-but-not-bold fonts. I'd actually buy more books for PalmReader if its large font was bold..
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    Thanks for the info, looks like I have some choices to try out.

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