I just got my "repaired" Treo 650 back from Palm under the lawsuit. They sent me a brand new one, but this one isn't working either. In order to turn on the Treo I have to remove the battery and reinstall it. None of the buttons on the front cause so much as a flicker. I know the battery is fully charged and this was never a problem for me before.

Has anyone else had problems with their "repaired" or replaced Treo?

Has anyone encountered this problem before? Prior to not coming on at all, it would reboot every time, instead of just opening to my home screen with the "locked" message. I have only had it a couple of days and haven't even synced it yet. There is no third party software or even any data. I did put my sim card and a memory card in, but that shouldn't have any effect on whether or not it turns on.

Palm put me on hold for 30 minutes, then disconnected. It made me wonder if this problem is more widespread than just me.