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    Last week, I bought 2 Patriot 8gb cards on sale for a low $22 (normally $29) at Frys Electronics. The card is actually a MicroSD card, and it comes with a MicroSD adapter in order to fit into my Treo 755p.

    I have 2 different Sprint 755p units, and neither Treos will recognize the Patriot cards. At best, my Treos might recognize the cards for a few seconds, and then blank out again constantly.

    Both of the Patriot cards have the same problem. Even worse, the same Patriot cards are also not recognized on my new Samsung NC10 neetbook, nor my Canon Powershot digital camera.

    Now I know why these Patriot cards are so cheap, because it's junk! Stay away!
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    I've actually had better luck with Patriot SD & SDHC (fullsize SDHC, that is) over A-DATA & Transcend. Panasonic & Sandisk are still probably the most reliable but also the most expensive cards by far.

    Also, keep in mind that all Garnet-based devices are officially limited to expansion cards of 4gb or smaller. So an 8gb card is going to be "seen" by the OS as two separate 4gig volumes anyway...

    I also generally prefer to use a regular miniSD/SDHC card in my 755p as opposed to micro card in an adapter.
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    microsdhc to sdhc adapters are infamous for having issues in 755p (if you have any time, check the fine print on the 755p updates). I'd recommend finding a real minisd card.
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    I had a problem putting the card from my 755p into one of those adapters and then into a card reader on the PC. I'd put it in, and the drive would disappear from Windows.

    It worked on my normal sized SD card..
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    Quote Originally Posted by hkklife View Post
    I've actually had better luck with Patriot SD & SDHC (fullsize SDHC, that is) over A-DATA & Transcend.
    I have had no problem with Transcend memory itself, but beware their adapters are crappy thin plastic and easily break/fall apart. Transcend has a "lifetime" warranty - BUT if their POS adapter falls apart they will not honor their warranty on the adapter *or* the memory!
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