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    I'm having this incredibly annoying misfortune happening with my Centro. I got it back in early september... in itself, the phone has always worked perfectly, and would only f-up when I'd put incompatible programs on there, but that's understandable.

    Everytime I try to answer my phone, it resets. Sometimes, very rarely though, I can get it to actually pick up... usually right after it just reset. This started happening to me a couple times and I'd lose all my settings. How frustrating. I decided to put reset doctor by hobbyist software on my phone... and the resetting got worse.

    So what gives? Should i just restart from scratch or what?
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    Think of anything you installed within a week or so before you first started seeing the resets. That should give you a good start at where to look. Remember skins, hacks, everything. Also, think of any settings you may have changed in your older apps, sometimes a certain setting can do this, too.

    You could also post a list in this thread of every app you have installed & hope that someone recognizes a potentially problematic app or app clash.
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    Try deleting the file called phone log and or file called unsaved prefrences.
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    i've had this problem with a couple different ringtone managers. it's going to be something that hooks with the phone app, so a ringtone manager, something that displays picture i.d., along those lines
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    I find the weirdest part to be that I put all the same apps, all the same settings, hacks and all... nothing nearly of the same thing or even a crash has taken place yet... and it's been since the day I posted that. lol

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