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    Installing MP3 ringtones to Treo or Centro smartphones has never been easier. With the release of TopRingtoneInstaller 2.0 yesterday, there are now 2 tools that can install your favorite MP3 file as a ringtone:

    I encourage you to try the software and share your experience here! I hope you'll find them useful!
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    How about ONE program to get MP3 ringtones: MiniTones. And it's FREE.
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    How about cutting the price in half ? thorne
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    try minitones... its free, i love it
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    Well, TopRingtoneInstaller has a completely different approach than MiniTones. TopNewRingtones has a few advantages over MiniTones: it lets you browse your MP3 files by folders, and allows you to install single files or whole folders at once.
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