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    I am now unable to make phone calls without the headset jack being plugged in. Without the headset in I can hear no sounds at all. It seems as though the phone still thinks the headset is still plugged in.

    Related to this, when I plug the headset in, the Voice Command program starts up automatically instead of when I press the button on the headset.

    Issue started:
    When I was listening to music in my car wired from the centro, I had a call come in so I unhooked the audio cable and tried to take the call.

    Troubleshooting so far:
    Soft reseting the phone
    Pulling the battery
    Plugging the headset in and out (numerous times)

    I haven't tried a hard reset as I am trying to hold out for another solution. Also I have this bad feeling a hard reset wont' work either.
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    if you read the numerous threads on this subject, you can also try blowing the jack out with compressed air; use a toothpick to try and flip the switch that is stuck inside the jack or warranty the unit and get a replacement.
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    Plugging the jack in & out while in a phone call or with music playing SHOULD do the trick, it's solved it in a dozen or so Centros I've seen so far.
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    On my wife's I had to short the signal2 as was done here for the 650's Treo 650 Tips, Tricks and Hacks: Treo 650 Audio Jack Fix, Part 1.. It was a really tight fit to get the soldering iron in there but after making a good contact the Centro has work great for the past week.
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    Sounds like the same problem I had with my Centro when I was flying home from Philly on election night. I Googled the problem and found this free little app: HeadCold 1.0a (for Palm OS). I can't provide the link, so you'll have to Google it and download it from

    I set it to auto and haven't had a problem since... but if you prefer to stick a hot poker or anything else in your phone's headset jack, then be my guest.


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    I tried both Headcold & Volumecare but neither released the speakers. I took the back of and shorted the jack not inside the jack but the side of it.

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