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    I'm experiencing a problem where the following 4 icons rapidly flicker in an arpeggiated sequence, on the phone screen:

    1) Bluetooth icon
    2) E911 Crosshairs
    3) white arrows in blue box (not the EVDO arrows above signal strength bars)
    4) Calendar event on top of phone screen

    I am not running any 3rd party apps, nor is my 755 overclocked. A soft reset did not solve this.

    I found only one previous thread on this topic, but no definitive solution. Thank you for your advice!
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    I discovered a possible solution to my own problem (if anyone is interested). I had a calendar event set at 11:30p (1 hr duration) which crossed over into the next day. When I altered the time, or duration, of this event to begin & end on the same day, the screen flicker disappeared (for now).
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    I get once in awhile also, and I agree its a calendar issue.
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