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    Hi there !

    Sorry for my english, i'm French (don't throw stones to me, please ).

    Well, i was pretty surprised to get a 680 and see it stuttering so badly, compared to my previous and great 650. Well, my Artic White 680 does looks a lot better, and i was so pissed off by the small memory of the 650, in case you asked yourself why i changed

    So. I did update my 680 to the very last known firmware update : 2.12 ROW. And nothing really changed, what a disappointment. The thing very strange is that soft resetting it may help sometimes, i don't know why.

    Recently i discovered this forum and, wow, i'm not the only one ! such a relief ! so i dig up a little the subject. I found this tool, CleanStart and gave a try to it.

    Here is what applications and datas i kept on booting :

    - App.Defaut [ROM]
    - Bienvenue [ROM] (in case you wonder why, it give the ability to use French on the Treo ! i don't know why..)
    - Carrier Config Manager [ROM]
    - Contacts [ROM]
    - Email [ROM] (not sure about this one)
    - GSMActivation [ROM]
    - Messagerie [ROM] (not sure about this one)
    - Telephone [ROM]
    - TelephoneUI [ROM] (not sure about this one)
    - TreoSMS Stub [ROM]

    The result is a nice improvement on my 680 speed ! and i'm pretty sure the same effect on the battery.

    But I still do believe there is still something wrong with the 680 firmware somewhere. It's using the same processor and almost the same OS of the 650, wich is a bullet fast compared to it.

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    Have you tried going to Prefs/Date and Time and change "Automatically set" to Nothing? When I have the preference set to "set date and time" from the phone service, it stutters fairly frequently, but when I turn it off the stuttering goes away. If you need to reset the time, you can always change the prefs, turn the phone off and on, and then change it back to nothing after the time's been updated.

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