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    Hi there,

    In order to search for the causes of the Treo 680 stuttering, i'm searching for an application on Palm doing the same thing as the command "top" on Unix, or the "Task Manager" on Windows, showing what's consumming cpu.

    Does anybody knows something like that please ?

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    The short answer is, such a beast does not exist.

    The somewhat longer answer is that the Palm OS only ever runs a single application at a time, namely the one you're looking at. The Palm OS is "event-driven" so that applications can "hook into" certain events such as resets, button presses, and phone events, and this can make the OS seem to do several things at once (background music playback is a special case).

    A relevant counter-question is, why do you (think you) need such an app? If it's software troubleshooting, try to do a hard reset and restore your apps a few at a time; this will allow you to figure out which ones are causing you grief.
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    Palminternals is more or less a top equivalent in PalmOS terms.

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