I dropped my phone on the floor some time ago, and after that I have experienced a very annoying problem.
My Treo 680 asks continously for SIM code and never connects to the network. Right after I have typed in the SIM, the red LED stops blinking for about 5-10 secs, when the LED starts blinking again and it asks for SIM code.
I have 2 providers in 2 countries, and it only happens to one of the providers. I got a new simcard from them, without luck. I`ve soft-reset the phone, hard reset - many times, tried to put a piece of paper with the sim-card to improve contact with the metal, all without luck. I even tried my friends simcard who has the same provider and I still could not get it to work. I though that I broke something in the phone when I dropped it, however it looks more like it may be incompability with some sim-cards? Anyone know how to fix this annoying problem?