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    Hey guys,
    my treo keeps resetting whenever some one calls. It will ring 3 or 4 times and then reset, the reset wipes the history so it seems as if no one ever even called. Also it sometimes reset when i press the button to switch to a new program I.E going from the contact screen to the text messaging screen.

    I've been putting off going into the sprint store to get this resolved but i just got a mail stating that the protection plan will increase my deductible from 50 to 100 as of april. what are the chances of them replacing my phone if i go and present the issues i am having.

    in the end i don't necessarily want a new phone, just one with the issues...
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    i just had my treo resetting a LOT too

    and... called sprint tech supp a couple times (here's the dir#: 877-809-6696)

    they did troubleshooting to ensure it wasn't any software i installed - the first reset kinda "half" cleaned it, the second was a hard reset that took it all teh way to factory defaults

    once it started resetting again even after the second reset, we knew it was in HW

    took it back to the store

    the next day, they had a replacement - this ph is even better - ie, faster (its rev B hardware - nice)

    so now i'm rebuilding it - putting all my software back on

    sometimes these things happen

    just buckle down and go and do it

    i put it off and put it off

    my gf was telling me to do it for sooo long - actually caused an argument

    don't let it get to that point
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    It's weird but I've been having similar issues lately. I originally switched out my 700p for the 755p and it was SOLID. I've had it for over a year and a half and very rarely did i have a reboot. Now within a month of the Pre being announced, I've been having reboots at least once a day and sometimes 3-4 times almost in a row. Sometimes I'm in a game, sometimes I'm trying to answer a phone call, it really depends. I'm gonna hold out for a little while longer and hoping that Sprint will give me a better deal on the Pre for having such a buggy phone.

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