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    I'm looking for a seidio 3200mAh (with door) for the 755p. If anyone has any leads on where I can get a good deal, or if you've got a new or still good condition one for sale, I'd love to hear more. I just picked up a used seidio car mount that will support the extended battery and I'm excited to try it. thanks!
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    if you have any old 700 batteries, find the thread regarding alterations to them. Everyday I start out with the stock batt. and door. I use the cradle every night so I can charge any one of my 5 700 batts while charging the phone. I carry my 3200 700 batt in my pocket all the time and my orig 755 batt last most of the day if carefull. if i need it i just switch it and when i get in my car i switch back to the stock batt so it can charge and repeat the process if I have to. its really no big deal for me. you cant by a door by its self unless you find one on eBay. so i'd rather keep the money and use all of the 700 batts i have. If you dont have old 700 batts, I got my 3200 off of treo central store. Good luck.
    Kyocera 7135, 700p, 755p and waiting for the next one. yehh!! PALM PRE please come to verizon.

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