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    Hi people ....

    I have been thinking lately of buying a GPS Car kit for my Treo 680. I saw this TomTom, I think, based GPS Car Kit on Palm Store:
    Palm GPS Navigator Car Kit

    Anyways, I am afraid that it uses the Bluetooth .. but I need the Bluetooth for my Bluetooth Headset. If that is the case .. I think I should look for some other Car Kit ...

    Any information and ideas about the Bluetooth thing? Any alternatives if it uses the Bluetooth to connect to the device?

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    I bought that kit, and it really doesn't work, or, at least, I can't figure out how to make it work. I've been trying with my Treo 650, which may be the issue, but other people have posted on Palm's site that they are experiencing the same things as me (the GPS almost immediately turns off, before the Treo can find it).

    I am using the Tom Tom software that came with it, and using my Freedom GPS keychain. And the charger part of it works great, as does the mini-SD to SD card, and the SD reader/writer. So it may be worth the $55, even without the GPS.
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    This kit works fine...but not quite as advertised.

    Here is the trick that seems to work for me (I got it from the forums eons ago).

    For some reason the treo does not recognize the cradle/GPS when it first idea why...just does.

    So to get it to work, make sure the cradle is plugged in and has power. Insert the treo, open the Tom Tom software and after agreeing not to use it while driving it will place you at your home location (whether or not you are actually there). Touch the screen to activate the Tom Tom menus and then go to "Change Preferences" then scroll to "show GPS status" then press "configure". Select just about any GPS OTHER than the car kit...Then hit "configure" again and go back to the Palm car kit. Hit done and then wait about 30 seconds while the programs and the GPS get oriented. Should work fine from that point.

    Now I will agree with anyone that this is a PIA to some degree. But if you are like me and only use the GPS when I need to go someplace I have not been before (not on just because I like it on), it works great! And being in a cradle and not using Btooth for the GPS, you can use the btooth headset just fine.

    Bottom line....this thing works despite its quirks. But I bought mine for like $99. The GPS and maps work quite well (voice direction too), I have an in car cradle to charge, it has a speaker phone (crappy but works), and permits btooth headset use. I actually use the small headset jack with a wired head set as well. So it is pretty hard to beat for value if you don't need to use GPS constantly.

    Hope that helps.


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