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    I have owned 64MB Sprint Centro since its launch and I have been
    very happy with it. The newer Sprint Centro have 128MB internal
    memory, and I have thought about upgrading because of it.
    Other features (rubbery exterior, facebook, preloaded my Location)
    absolutely does not factor into my decision. (Someone please
    correct me if I missed any other differences between two versions)

    So basically I wanted to ask people what difference it really makes
    in having extra 64MB of memory. I have all the applications I want and
    I still have 14MB left. Does having extra 64MB memory make
    any difference? Does it make applications, such as Coreplayer or
    Kinoma, run faster? I never ran into problem with memories, but when
    I use these video media players, the screen slows down if video has a
    lot of bright graphics movement. That would be only thing I can think
    of that may justify getting 128MB device instead of waiting out for
    Palm Pre. (My only reservation is no backward compatibility, but I
    am hoping 3rd party developer like styletap will make PalmOS emulator)

    The new colors doesn't really make difference to me, so I would love
    to hear from those who have used both devices or tech experts.
    I know the extra memories are sometimes accessed and used by applications,
    but how much extra memory is really required and how big of difference
    does the extra memory make to the performance? I suppose in the old days
    when external memory wasn't available, it may have been a big deal, but
    now I have 8GB microSD. So does having extra 64MB has ANY advantage
    at all? Thanks!
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    As you are not memory hungry and the rubberized finish and additional applications aren't important to you, the extra data storage is probably not that big a deal either. I'd wait on a Pre review or two before making a decision.
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    I find typing on the olive green centro easier with the grippier keys. I also use a holster now instead of a skin case because I like the grippiness. It just handles so much nicer.

    I don't see a difference in running vids taken from the centro, but I don't run more intensive ones on it to know a difference.

    I wouldn't buy a new centro now with the Pre on its way. I'd pick one up for a $100 or so and use it till then. Makes a good backup in a pinch too. I plan on holding on to it as a just in case.
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    If you have 20 MB extra memory, it will not make any difference having 64 MB more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbears View Post
    Does having extra 64MB memory make any difference? Does it make applications, such as Coreplayer or Kinoma, run faster?
    No, extra memory won't have an effect on Kinoma Player 4 EX's speed.

    -- Charles Wiltgen
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