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    So I was listening to my Pocket Tunes yesterday. Although I've pulled the plug on my headphones, the phone app seems to think they're still plugged in. I get no button on the screen for speakerphone. I can't hear through the handset, I can only hear the person on the other line if I plug in my headphones and listen through them.

    I've tried popping the battery out and in again, no change. I'm not sure I remember how to do a hard reset, and I don't see hany hidden or recessed buttons to push.

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    This is common on a lot of Treos and the Centro. Happens to me now and then with my Centro. Plug the headphones in again and pull it quickly out. What I do is turn on the music and do this until I hear the music through the speaker when I pull out the headphones, then I know it's working again. Something inside the phone jack just gets stuck. It only happens to me once every so often, and then only need to do the fix once and it's fine. Not enough to worry about.
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    Yeah, that did it, thanks (that plus I blew into the jack old-school Nintendo style). I figured that's all it was, but after 24 hours of no success, I thought something might be up.

    Thanks for the quick reply.
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    Isn't that a pretty new phone? It should be covered under a warranty if you want to try to get it replaced.
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    There is a tiny switch inside the jack that cuts off external sounds when the plug is inserted. Over time the switch gets gummed up with finger oil, etc. that ride in on the plug. Canned air works well.
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    Good thinking with the canned air. Will keep it in mind if this happens again.
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    Huh, I just posted a similar reply on another thread, anyway...

    Sounds like the same problem I had with my Centro when I was flying home from Philly on election night. I Googled the problem and found this free little app: HeadCold 1.0a (for Palm OS). I can't provide the link, so you'll have to Google it and download it from

    I set it to auto and haven't had a problem since... but if you prefer to blow hot or compressed air into your phone's headset jack, then be my guest.


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    Hey, that looks cool. I will give it a try if I ever have a problem again.
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