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    I have a Treo 755P and am doing EAS with a 2003 windows server SP2.

    I am having a problem getting my phone to EAS now that my office has "renewed" it's SSL cert. It is a Godaddyclass2 cert. Problem was with the renewal. We worked fine (Centros and I have 755P) in the office for just over a year with Godaddy cert, but our office just renewed the cert the beginning of January 2009 and when they did, Godaddy updated to the new UTF-8 encoding format. My guess is those who are having continued success with Godaddy certs will have the same drama upon renewal. We contacted Godaddy and Palm (level 3 tech support AND Corporate) with no avail. Palm basically says there is no fix, and Godaddy says that the cert can not be reissued by them in the old format anymore, now that the 'industry standard' has switched, but that the cert can be rekeyed by us. Here is what they sent:

    "Thank you for contacting SSL Support regarding your issue with your Palm. The RFC industry standard requires that secure certificates be issued using the UTF-8 encoding format. The Palm Operating System is using the "printstring" encoding format that preceded the current UTF-8 industry standard. Most new servers use UTF-8 encoding, however, Palm devices are still requiring printstring encoding. Palm devices cannot communicate with servers that have SSL certificates installed that use the new UTF-8 industry standard.
    If you require a printstring encoded certificate to be issued so that your Palm device can communicate with the server, you will need to arrange to have the SSL certificate signing request (CSR) generated with software that defaults to printstring encoding. Our issuing system will issue a printstring encoded certificate if the CSR was already printstring encoded.
    Microsoft 2003 servers are known to default to printstring encoding.
    Once you have generated a new CSR on a server that has printstring encoding, rekey your certificate, install it on the older server, and then export the certificate. This will give you a PFX file. You can them import this file to your new server or convert the PFX file into its separate parts (Private key and Public Certificate) for installation on non-windows servers.
    We have provided re-key instructions with appropriate links to CSR generation instructions and our Installation Instructions in our Help Center article located here: "

    Our IT guy received this info, tried it and it did not work. I've done the hard reset, then deleted the back up directory on CPU, then used cert mod tool to install this "rekeyed cert" still with no success. I even upgraded the Treo's software to version 1.07 and then tried the certmod tool again....nothing. Palm was supposed to have a solution to me this last Monday....nothing. Palm says the 755P is not compatible with Godaddy certs yet they list it as an acceptable cert in their PDF of 'approved' certs. I am being told by our IT at the office that I need to find a cert that is compatible with the 755P and Centros so that myself and all of the other loyal PALM users in the office can get back to our prior level of functioning. The thing that stinks is we were doing just fine until the renewal and Godaddy will not reissue the old certs. My office does not want to buy another cert until we can guarantee that it will work. All I got from Palm was the PDF mentioned in this thread earlier (in which godaddyclass2 certs are still listed!). That does not help since there is no guarantee that these other companies have not upgraded in 2009 and will have the same problem. Palm says their engineers are aware of the problem and are at work on it, but have no idea of a time frame and Palm will not name ONE SSL cert we can use that is guaranteed to be compatible right now!! I have spent countless hours these last few weeks on this thus far and am no where it feels like!

    Has anyone recently (THIS YEAR- 2009....not last year with a prolonged expiration date) added a SSL cert to a 2003 windows server and has had success with Palm OS smart phones being able to do exchange active sync? If so PLEASE share the cert name you purchased this year so that we all can get back to work.

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    OK- I am happy to say the godaddy SSL cert issue has been resolved. A good friend of mine recommended I speak with a local IT guy here ( I did and he was cool enough to take a little time and use "emulators" to test various certs and came up with a cost effective alternative to the godaddy certs: They offer a 30 day free trial which gives you a chance to verify compatibility with your phones prior to buying. I respect that palm does not want to commit to naming certs for fear of being looked at as an 'endorsement' of sorts, so I felt I would post this fix for those out there who find themselves in this same predicament! I'm not endorsing them, just saying they worked for us )

    We used the free trial and were up and running within 15 minutes! Just like the good old days! I am a Treo Lover once again!

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