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    (Sorry in advance for posting this thread both here and in the Treo Pro area...)

    My wife is a Social Worker and has a Treo 650 on Sprint, as do I.

    She uses two apps (Responsive Time Logger and Natara Comet) daily out in the field and syncs them up with her PC back at home each night. These two apps are critical to her business.

    I have been advising her that she should upgrade to the Treo 755p, as that seems to be the newest Palm OS-based smartphone that is similar in size to the Treo 650. (I think the Centro would be too small for her to effectively use -- i.e., both the keyboard size and the screen size.)

    With Sprint's recent EOL list which shows the 755p being EOL'd and replaced by the Palm Pre, I am in a quandry.

    It appears the choices are:

    1. Treo 755p (buy as soon as possible)

    2. Treo Pro (run Palm OS-based apps via StyleTap?)

    3. Centro (no hurry because these probably won't be EOL'd for a while)

    I was looking to get a Treo Pro when they came out, reportedly on 2/15, and she was waiting so we could both get new smartphones at the same time and, hopefully, get a better deal on them.

    First, does anybody know definitively if Time Logger and Comet could actually run on StyleTap on the new Treo Pro?

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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    I think you should stay away from the Pro, Windows Mobile is junk and completely unusable in my taste.

    Stick with what she knows, you can get a 755p on ebay that would be new or slightly used for a much better price than sprint can give you. Then all you need to do is call them up and give them the new IMEI number and they'll activate your phone.

    Just make sure you upgrade the firmware to 1.08 before you start using it.
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    I agree, WM on a smartphone is unstable. I upgraded both myself and my husband from a Sprint 650 to 755's and we both love them. Very stable and all of our apps work fine on the 755. You can go to the website where she purchased those particular two apps and they should have a compatability list showing the phones they will run on. More than likely if they work on a 650, they will work on a 755. I got both of our phones from private sellers (not electronic refurbishers) on ebay and they are great, I highly recommend getting the monthly replacement insurance though, it's worth it.

    EDIT: I just checked, and both of your wife's apps will work on a 755.
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