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    I am constantly having brilliant ideas and forget them in a short period of time. For example I had a great idea for a design change in the layout of one of my sites while I was driving in today. By the time I got to work I had completely forgotten about it, and the only reason I remembered it was because I saw something similar to it on the web here...

    I was standing here at work and thought to myself, "Man I need a PDA - WAIT A MINUTE" and I held up my Treo.

    So basically my question is: Is there a program (preferably free or cheap) that lets me brainstorm ideas and organize them on my treo 700p?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I have used things like notepad, but I am more interested in some sort of organizational aspect... almost more like a task manager, but with more control. So I could move things around and categorize things easier...
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    ms office onenote
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    Have you thought of a Voice Memo app. The Centro has one out of the box but I don't think the 700 did. However there is a recording app that is free but it's escapes me.

    Recording apps are great for driving.

    Perhaps someone else can chime in with the name.

    Good Luck
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    The 700p has built-in Voice Memo. That seems like your best bet while driving.

    I use memos for what you are talking about. You can use categories which are easily changed or you can use the first words of the memo.

    I recommend the Yahoo user group GTD on Palm -- Getting Things Done (David Allen) -- which has some of the most creative ideas for organizing on a Palm device. I haven't checked in there in a while but even if the group has slowed down, check out the online resources and archives. Lots of software suggestions there too.

    Also check out some of the mind mapping software. I've forgotten the names. Search on TC for them.
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    I did come across a program that seems to kinda fit what I was looking for. It's called Mr Mind, and I found it on It has 4 categories: ideas, quotes, thoughts, and goals.

    I would still entertain other suggestions if anyone has any. I love trying out new software and have been carrying a live 700p and Centro (plus have 600s and 650s at home), so it's nice to compare the different versions.
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    Zeroth, I was just cleaning out some old bookmarks (not watching the Superbowl) and found this really link. Lots of Palm related stuff and more general GTD stuff.
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    Ultrasoft BrainForest? (NOT freeware). It is text-based, not sketch-based, I think
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeroth View Post
    I am constantly having brilliant ideas and forget them in a short period of time.
    You know, they make prescription drugs for that. ;]

    JK, nothing solves lifes problems better than a good ol' Palm app.

    I use Memos for this sort of stuff, as well. It's the quickest way to jot stuff down, & category organization is enough for me. When I'm out & about & think of something I want to remember later, I just Opt+Cal & enter what I want.

    Some of my most used categories are:

    Shopping List

    Bands to check out (when I hear about a band I may like want to download/MySpace later)

    Websites to check out

    Games to check out (when I see a Wii game I might want to buy or rent, I use this to remind me to read online reviews when I get a chance)

    Things we need to do with our daughter (when I think of trips or activities)

    Movies Molly needs to see (my fiancee is a self-proclaimed movie-buff, but hasn't seen a TON of what I consider to be classics, & I'm determined to set her straight)

    Design Ideas (anything I come up with for my Photoshop work when I'm away from the computer)

    Dreams (cause you NEVER remember them once your teeth are brushed)

    Random Thoughts (just anything I come up with that I want to remember later & doesn't fit into or isn't worth creating a different category)
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    I also use memos for my ideas. I also forget them quite quickly if I don't jot them down. I think the quickly forgetting them is exacerbated by the fact that I know I can just write them down and comfortably forget about it.

    I just use Memos. Option+Calendar opens it for me. If I want it easier I just double-click on the sidebutton to auto-record in CallRec and double-click to stop recording.
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