I've been getting frequent resets lately. SafeGuard says the crash keeps occurring in MemoryMgr.c, line 3035, reason "Chunk over-locked" which supposedly means that some application is locking memory and not unlocking it up to 14 times. Apps I've added that I use often include DateBk6, TealPhone, zLauncher, Bejeweled2, Solitaire, Checkers, Mahjongg, FontSmoother, SplashID, Planetarium, Hi-Launcher and TealAuto. These resets started occurring after I installed Bejeweled2, but maybe there's a latency effect involved that finally just happened to trigger after I installed Bejeweled2.

I'm wondering if anyone has done any in-depth research on this particular error to determine which app(s) may be the cause of this problem. Thanks. thorne