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    Okay... OTHER than it's cool to have the lastest updated programs...

    What are the specific benefits to the new Palm desktop for Windows?

    Especially if I'm on a Win98SE unit and don't feel like I'm needing any kind of update to the desktop part.

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    Originally posted by Corky
    What are the specific benefits to the new Palm desktop for Windows?
    Mostly it's a nicer appearance and a more pleasant UI -- nothing major there.

    However, there is one feature that is really nice -- events with alarms that you've set in the Palm Datebook will pop up on your PC desktop as well (if you enable the option in the desktop). A little window pops up on the PC screen for each event w/alarm, much like an Outlook reminder.

    I really like this, particularly if I have 5 things in the morning; Datebk4 on the Visor puts each up one after the other, and I often forget what the first one was by the time I got to the last one. However, when I log into the PC in the morning before leaving for work, I get 5 separate reminder notices, and I can enter some ToDos based on each, do my morning Hotsync, and I'm ready to go.
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    I'm not sure what exactly cured my USB hotsync woes, but I'm now able to sync with the new Handspring Desktop. I reinstalled the program, soft reset my Visor, and still couldn't make it work, so I deactivated Launcher III and all my hacks, rubbed the contacts on the cradle and the Visor, and put the Visor in the cradle and didn't turn it on before hitting the HotSync button. It worked!

    Maybe now the m105 will be the backup unit, or the one I take when I might get knocked around a bit. (Wish the Visor had that plastic digitizer!)
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