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    Hi. i am not very tech savvy but I love my treo and have had few problems. My phone worked fine up to last night. it sat on the bedstand all night. This morning as i got ready, I heard a few texts come in. A call came in and I tried to get it but the phone reset. (i have been reading the posts on resets and may try to upgrade when i get home as i do have frequent resets.) After the phone reset, the previos caller called back and I attempted to take the call. I did note some weird screen seemed to flash with something about a password, but the call did pick up and I completed my call. The phone seemed okay and i was late so i rushed off to take the kids to school.

    Once i checked my phone again, I noted i can't access email. If i select the button for email, it acts like it is trying to open but then just returns to main screen like nothing happened. I can't figure out what is going on. Everything else seems to work, data service, text, other apps like facebook. Just the email. Did I accidently switch something off? Any ideas? I did a soft reset and a warm rest. Afraid to do anything more until i am back at home and have access to hot sync.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Did you figure this out? You could stop using the standard app (although I like it too) and switch to Sprint Mobile Email (if you're on Sprint) or Chattermail or any of the others. Or you could perform a hard reset and start from scratch.
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