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    Yesterday, my battery was in the red and needed to be charged. I hooked it up and about an hour later the phone rebooted. A few minutes later I took a look at my SMS messages and they all disappeared. I don't know how it happened (whether it had to do with reboot or if I unknowingly clicked on something when it was was on the bed, face down).

    I have two questions... anyone know why this might have happened? And if it's possible to restore the messages now that they're gone? Ive had this phone for a little over a year so it had a couple thousand messages in it. Unfortunately, I never did a hotsync back up... big mistake, I know. But was curious if although the messages seemed to be purged, is the file really hidden somewhere.

    If anyone has any info, I'd appreciate it.
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    Since no one yet responded, I will give you the bad news. Unless you hotsync or use a backup program to the card, your sms messages are in Palm heaven and you can't get them back.

    I guess if the battery really, really died, then it might not have enough juice to keep the data. Not really sure about that.
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    SMS messages are stored in the file Messages Database.pdb - open Filez (if you have it) and find that file (if you still have it). Then Send it to yourself via email. Then using this program:

    convert the .pdb to .csv and open in Excel.
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