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    i needed to do a hard reset on my phone after some #rd party apps that were corrupting databases and causing my phone to restet.. i callaed the tech support. one guys was great . and the one lady was horrible and couldnt help at all. i need to save a back-up folder with just my contacts so when i syns using the palm desktop that the only thing that is loaded onto my phone is the contacts nothing else like messages or programs or files.. how do i do this?.. im sure it is somewhere in the forums but i couldnt find it...
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    in your hotsync icon you can customize what it syncs and what it doesnt.
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    Easiest thing to do is just rename your backup folder. Then all that will sync is your pim data (contacts, calendar, etc.). Your backup folder is usually somewhere like c:\program files\palm\name_user\backkup
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    What she said works too.
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    Or perform a hard reset and email the contacts in csv form to the phone. That's what I do. I never Hotsync. Ever. We hates it.
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