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    I have a Palm Centro (now ex-Sprint) i have also a very old motorola V262 activated with Pocket (a very small cell provider in Texas) This is what i want to do : just simply switch cellphones , nothing else , since i am a noob i don't want to flash it (if it were possible) and i dont need internet , just plain voice and maybe text.

    So far this is what i have accomplished : changed the .prl , changed the spc and changed the phone number ( i have set the same as in the v262) via qspt (or so) and also used Unicdma .

    Now the centro connects to the Pocket service but i am not able to make/receive any calls ( i haven't tried 911 or 1411)

    What else i have to do to get this centro working on Pocket ?
    I took the Centro to Pocket and they scanned the sticker on the back but the lady said that it needs to be flashed ($25) i accepted , the lady said
    they don't have the cable to do it , should i lend mine ?
    Any and all help will be greatly appreciated , i am a complete noob please help ........
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    I haven't got a clue on how to help, but if you don't get a solid answer here, head over to and try posting there. The guys over there are complete nerds when it comes to that kind of stuff, you're bound to find someone that can help you.

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