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    Hi, am looking for a third party application that can do the following for my palm Centro :

    1) count outgoing sms

    I tried sms counter , sms count and sms backup. They do count the outgoing sms but they don't count 2 concatenated sms as 2 but they count it as one still. Therefore it is not accurate. Is it not able to do that or it is a setting that I didnt activate?

    2) filter sms according to names. Eg, I only want to see all the sms by Jane and it will filter out all the sms by others and display only sms from Jane.

    It would be good to have a application that can do both.

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    TotalHawk will do (1) and MyCallLog will probably do both.
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    MyCallLog doesn't count SMS messages, only calls and I'm having trouble finding TotalHawk to download anywhere!
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    Does this software count the concatenated sms? eg 2 outgoing concatenated sms as 2 instead of 1?

    What about sms filter? Does it do that? filter and display only the sms from one particular person i want to see?

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    Thanks phwelo, I use Altavista (seems like I'm the only one left!) and it didn't seem to have that link anywhere! Good website-based sarcasm though :-D
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