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    I've got the Palm centro (of course) for verizon, and ever since I've got it i've definitely not been getting the correct speeds. It says it's connected to EVDO but my download speed always seems capped around 250kb/s. Which is of course, really slow. In fact I'm in LA right now and it's still the same. i've got the little "EV" green icon in the top, and when I open a network application it says "connecting to broadband access, established" blah blah lol.

    So yeah what's wrong here? i've got the unlimited data plan as well.

    i've tried the "##" codes (don't remember what they were now) but none of them work lol.

    I use too for tests. i actually just found out I get around 400kb/s with the 400k download but that is still pretty slow. And anything bigger than that makes my connection "stall" and hitch so to speak. Doesn't matter where I download it from or any website, any big downloads pause and such which is really annoying. The 1mb test on that website I only get around 200kb/s

    Thanks in advance again
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    I tried both the 400 and 1.0M tests and got about 176 on the 400 and about 130kbs on the 1.0M. I was getting about two bars, so not a great signal, but still good.

    I've got to say though, that my Internet on the Centro is really fast, compared to other Treos I've had, and also to Blackberries that I mess around with. It is literally twice as fast as a 700P. Of course, the size of the webpage makes a difference. I have not problem streaming video and music.

    For reference, if I go to mobile CNN, , it will pull up stories from the main page in about 2-3 seconds. Local weather on and mobile espn com up in about 7 seconds. That is in Normal mode, with javascript and cascading style sheets enabled. Also, I use 8mb for my memory storage and do not clear cache on exit.

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