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I found the fastest way to do movies is to load them on my card and pop it in my treo and go. I make my own MP3 ringtones with the program minitones, cause it let's me size them and it will put them directly in my list of phone ring tones. I got no major drain downloading TCPMP and I watch full length movies that I put on some sd cards. I'm talking full movies I got a 2gb cards with 8 full length movies on it and they play crystal clear. I can also listen to music with TCPMP too.
8 hours of movies on a 2gb card? Those cards are larger than I thought, or maybe I'm just too knew to the smartphone arena to really know. I'm still waiting on my treo 650 from Ebay (a 2gb SD included in pretty good deal). I'm looking to load Google maps, maybe a latest premium edition of Docs to go (Datavitz), Planetarium software, and maybe a chess game. I plan to lots of word docs and photos and maybe some songs, but that all on the SD card.
So, we'll see if it holds all that - - if it is not adequate I'll return and get a 680 or plunk a small fortune for the Treo Pro.