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    Hi all,

    I've been a Palm user for years with my trusty T3 and even ventured into the treo 650s and 680s and now am happy with a Centro.

    But I still like my T3 for viewing/editing spreadsheets, reading Word dox, and viewing Power point presentations.

    I've spent considerable bucks with Data Viz for their upgrades to Docs to Go over the years starting with V5 to V7 to V8! I've run into some issues so far and have fired off an email to their support center, but wonder if other help might be forthcoming from the great folks here:

    Centro came with Docs to go pro 10 which when I hot sync both devices to the same PC (even though both devices have different sync names, Docs to Go pro 10 installs itself on the T3 and then gives me an error message that it is incompatible with my device. So I have to reinstall my Premium V8 along with all the docs!

    This leaves me with either the ability to hot sync only one device or the other. Not both on the same PC! After a hot sync it becomes necessary to reload one or the other device with the necessary documents and reenter the registration number for that version!

    I guess my only option to get the same doc on each device is to bluetooth one to the other? But when I tried that from V10 to V8, I got the error message that "this document is not compatible with this version of Docs to go"!

    So I am trialing V11:

    1) Now I am still waiting for a Bluetooth transfer of a presentation from the T3 to the Centro.

    2) The transfer is complete after several minutes and I notice that an 8.9 MB PPT has become a 9.2 MB PPT! the file has grown?

    3) V11 says it can be loaded onto an SD card with only pertinent parts of the APP loading onto the device.

    4) However when I loaded it onto the card, no icon showed up in the launcher. Resco Explorer found it on the card, but it wouldn't open. So I moved it to the handheld and now it opens and has an icon in the launcher.

    But I didn't want to have to keep this large app on the handheld. I like to keep my handheld memory at 49% free and run the apps off the card. Moving this app to the handheld reduce open memory on each device from 49% to 33%!

    5) Opening Power point presentations with V11 takes forever as does moving from one slide to the next. On the T3 the slides take an average of 25 seconds to open. On the Centro the slides will open in about half that time. But waiting 10 to 25 seconds for a slide to open is maddening!

    I use spreadsheets and the T3 is great for these. The large screen on the T3 has also been great for my presentations and for reading Word dox. But its maddening that I can't sync both devices on the same PC and have the docs sent individually to each device per not sync name.

    Data Viz's first response is that only one version of docs to go can be on the syncing machine. O.K. but then why can't I send a document sync'd with V10 to a device running V8? Aren't they backwards compatible? I wouldn't think that one version would install itself over another version without being told to do so.

    Does anyone out there actually USE Docs to go on their Centro or other Palm device? And are you experiencing similar issues?

    Thanks for any help!


    Well that's just par for the course! Dataviz sent me a notice that the rep who was helping me is now out of the office until Jan 26TH! They appreciate my patience! (Well bully for them!) Geesh - they could have at least sent me to another help rep!
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    V10 runs on the SD for the most part with bunches of little files in main memory. As for syncing, I just Bluetooth transfered files back and forth - the DTG transfers I found to be a pain. If I were doing the Centro/Palm still, I would not up on this one. Like you, I have also used DTG for a "few" years.
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    DTG 10 should work on your T3. Go here:

    and use the DataViz Tech Tool to uninstall version 8 on the T3. Then in DTG desktop, tell it to re-install the handheld versions and sync your T3. You should then have version 10 on your T3.
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    I still use v8 bundled on my 700p/755p and have tried v11 and see no benefit. I think the changelog says the only difference is the ability to read office 2007 files which I'm vehemently against (i live in a 2003 world)
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    Quote Originally Posted by theleetbeagle View Post
    I think the changelog says the only difference is the ability to read office 2007 files which I'm vehemently against (i live in a 2003 world)
    That ability is available as a free update, for V10 users anyway.

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