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    Is there some sort of WebDav calendar for palm os? I'm looking for a NICE calendar that can sync via the webdav server, which would in turn sync with all my computers and the people subscribed to my calendar. A calendar that will actually sync via my data connection on my centro, not when you hotsync

    I have a Mac OS X computer and sadly Palm OS + sync + Mac OS X = lame and broken. To get good "syncage" it looks like I need "the missing sync" which costs a FORTUNE!!!

    Actually to tell you the truth I don't even hot sync, since it does practically nothing. I have a windows gaming desktop but I hate all the calendars for windows which is why I use iCal which is why I need something that works with WebDav

    Thanks guys!
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    Actually, head over to & do a search for 'free missing sync.' It should be easy to find, it just posted less than 2 weeks ago, I believe.

    It will tell you how to set up your iSync to work with PalmOS & it adds iCal sync support.
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    heh wow it's working fantasitcally! Amazing! :O. And really the only thing I had to do to fix the annoying error messages when syncing, was change the conduit settings so it doesn't back-up files onto my mac. I just use nvbackup to do that and put it all on my micro-sd card .

    Wooo I'm in business! And now when I make a change on my calendar on my phone, it changes in iCal as well next time i Sync
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    Glad to have saved you some money =]

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