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    sorry I need my phone and I just messed it up
    I know I can flash everything but I have tons of applications


    I have Centro and tried using the PhoneInterfaceLibrary DUN Hack on it and now the phone part of the phone does not work.
    I have sprint , my phone does load up after 1 or 2 rebooting itself but the phone part does not come up. when I try to turn on the phone part it will reboot and come back with the phone off. tried it with bt off and on

    please help

    How can I undo the hack
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    I just checked with Resco Explorer
    I see 2 files

    Name: Ext: Size:
    PhoneInterfaceLibrary libr 94816
    PhoneInterfaceLibrary_enUS ovly 336

    I couldnt remove any of them (I just clicked on the X mark)

    hope this helps

    Maybe if someone could please pack there original PhoneInterfaceLibrary file from ram and send it to me I could copy it over and fix the issue...
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    come on people... where are you guys I need help NOW!

    okay I gave up on fixing it... can I backup stuff with reso backup and flash then hard reset the phone and restore it?
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    oh well it was a disappointing experience here...
    no help from no where

    but here i my 2 cents

    Do not touch a hack file unless it is made specially for your phone model.

    keep a back up using resco explorer

    and after a rom flash resco explorer pro does a n amazing job
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    You don't make much sense. Hard reset your phone.
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    Wow, four posts in four hours. Kind of demanding if you ask me. Some of us have jobs and lives. If you need immediate assistance contact Palm or Sprint. If you want free assistance here, cool your jets
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    phone hard reset and resco backup used to restore the application and things are working

    sorry but I needed my phone and the apps for today.
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    Sir, I realize that you may have severe demands on your time, but if you your are now an MD doing residency or practicing you need to have everything required to for the job lined up with an alternate plan (borrow a phone, you have a 2nd phone, etc). If you want to do custom hacks with a device you use to assist in practicing medicine you should have obtained and *tested* you spare device first.

    "Sorry I didn't consult with your endocrinologist bc I was playing with my phone this morning and it broke" ... no, that's not an urgent need to fix your phone, it's an urgent need to fix your thinking.
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    for others, you already have the original phoneinterface library in ROM, worst case you should just copy the files from ROM to RAM and overwrite. No need to obtain other files or anything
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