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    Does anyone know of a freeware/shareware utility that lets you schedule HotSync actions? (i.e., "run this action every two days")

    For example, several people here at work are using BackupBuddy, and they really don't need BB to run every time they sync, particularly if they sync several times per day. Changing the default action in a Custom HotSync is a chore, and if the default for BB is set to Do Nothing, I'm afraid my users will forget to ever change it, thus defeating the point.

    A related question: is there any utility that will allow you to differentiate between HotSync actions depending on *from where the user is syncing* ??? Our chairman has a Palm OS Kyocera SmartPhone, which he uses to wirelessly sync to his modem-equipped desktop. It works remarkably well -- again, BB is the only problem. Even without the BackupBuddy conduit, a wireless sync, at 14.4K, takes 10-15 minutes to complete. With BB running, I shudder to think how long it would take.

    So anyway, if anyone can help me out and tell me how I might schedule BB syncs and/or tell them when to run based on sync type, I'd appreciate it!!

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    I'm not aware of any automated sync utilities to do what you're looking for (though I think it would be a nice app... I hate syncing AvantGo mutliple times a day). There might be a work-around you can explore.

    Check out this tip from PalmGear. It describes how you can setup "customized" sync parameters using batch files. Combine that with a scheduling app (like the Task Scheduler in Windows) and you can probably work something out.
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    Go to PalmGear and search for AutoSync. It does exactly what you want.
    You can set certain days, time periods for the days, and frequency of
    sync. For instance, you can set it for Mon, Wed, Fri between the times
    of 10am and 4pm to sync every hour. Give it a try.
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    Thanks for the tips....AutoSync won't work for us, as our users most often have their PDAs with them, not in their cradles.

    The PalmGear batch file trick is cool, might be a bit too sophisticated for some of our users!!

    What I really need is an options dialog similar to the one in PocketMirror...PM allows you to set time intervals for each Outlook conduit (i.e. sync Contacts every two days), and I wish I could find an app that would do the same for all conduits. I'll keep looking...I wish I could just write one myself!!

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    Reread the last sentence of Mark's post. If you set up several custom sync's and then use Task scheduler to run the batch files every few days this should accomplish exactly what you want. Your users wouldn't have to do anything, you'd set up the batch files and the task scheduler jobs. For instance:

    In the simplest case, your default hotsync settings would be everything set to sync and BB set to Do Nothing. Then your custom sync (called BBSync) would set BB to Handheld overwrites desktop. Then you set a Task Scheduler job to run the batch file, which makes the BBSync active, to run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6AM. Now, your users will have a fast sync on most days and their first sync on Tuesdays and Thursdays will backup using Backup Buddy. The user won't have to do anything - it would take some setup on your part but it's not as complicated as I'm making it sound. Also, you could do more complex setups without much extra work.
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    Will this method work if you are using a virtual port to sync to your bluetooth treo 650?
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    I'm not familiar with virtual ports and I don't use bluetooth - I'm still on OS 4.1! I posted this almost 5 years ago when this was VisorCentral! But I suspect this method or something very similar would work. I don't even have a Treo yet - but I think I almost have my wife convinced!
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