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    Aol must have upgraded something on their end. When I goto download my AOL mail now using the Imap Settings for Snapper Mail 2 I get the following Error.

    Imap Server: LOGIN Failed. TOS Agreement Unsigned. Please use the Webmail Client. Invalid Login. Check Username and Password..

    Checked Imap Settings...Correct
    Checked Name and Password...Correct

    Whats going on now?
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    I just went thru this with Outlook Express... I found a solution by accident.

    1) Log into AOL/AIM Webmail
    2) View and/or delete you msg's
    3) Don't log out
    4) Started OE and IMAP updated the headers normally
    5) logged out of Webmail
    6) checked the IMAP mail in OE and it worked with no errors.
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    I had the same problem with Chatter this morning. Everything is working fine now.

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