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    Hi All,

    Is there an app that can skin the messaging software for a centro.
    Something to change the background like in the calendar app.
    I know there is pictureSMS, but not sure if that is still being updated.
  2. #2 has a few, but the site is very young & he takes requests. Look for the "customize your centro/treo" thread in the Centro forum on this site.
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    Thanks for the reply fstopstigmata....I'll be sure to check out that tread
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    No prob. & please please please: if you do end up liking his work (which I'm sure you will), give phwelo any donation you can spare, he's put a lot of time & effort into all this & deserves something back. So far he's the only one who's ventured this deeply into file replacement skins & that plus his excellent CS & quality product is plenty enough to earn him some extra cash beyond just paying for the website.

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