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    I have an AT&T Centro with TakePhone and 2Day installed. Whenever I open the alerts menu on my Centro (say to view missed calls), it opens the missed calls list in the Phone app which is blank, and the Centro promptly resets.

    Also, the TakePhone call lists are broken. They don't properly filter, and it seems like they only show the calls they want to show. My most recent calls aren't even in the list, only some of the more recent calls (and calls where the number was entered, no contact information, etc).

    Any help on these issues is greatly appreciated. If I need to give more information, please let me know.

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    TakePhone is a very stable program. Either the app didn't install correctly or you have a corrupt database. You could delete the app and reinstall and see if that works, or you could download a copy of DBFixIt, scan the database files and see if any corruption is found. If it finds corruption, you'll have to pay for the app in order to fix it (so reinstalling may be the better option). One other remote possibility is that it conflicts with some other software phone app you might have. Anyway, try the above and if that doesn't work, post back.
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    It actually sounds like your call log got corrupted. If you have a backup of it from before the problems started, you might want to restore that version and see if that fixes it.
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    How would I go about clearing a call log? I just tried to purge it in the native Phone app and it crashed the device.
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    On the Call log screen:
    Press Menu Button
    From the Drop Down Menu scroll down to Purge
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    I just ended up hard resetting the device. I tried to purge using TakePhone and nothing happened. I have daily backups made using NVBackup, so I have a backup of everything.

    Thanks for the help. I appreciate it!
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    Sorry you had to do a hard reset.
    Don't give up on TAKEphONE. It's a great app.
    Also take a look at 2day and 4cast both from the same developer.
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