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    3 steps to quickly access your speed dial list:

    1. Created auto-dials in PicLink
    2. Make those your favorites in McPhling
    3. Launch McPhling and dial from anywhere at any time

    Sorry if this is a dupe (I didn't search)
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    Or just use the favorites in the default Phone app to create a Speed Dial with a letter key assigned.. that way, if I want to call Molly, no matter what program I'm in, all I have to tois hold the 'M' button.

    One button. =]
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    Mmmm, doesn't work that way on the 700P. You have to be in the phone app to do the press/hold feature. Favorites assigned in the phone app don't work outside of the phone app. I use FastLaunch to get to both apps and contacts from any application.
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    Aha. Didn't think about this being the general PalmOS Apps forum.

    In that case: download the free unlimited trial of Butler & use the keylauncher feature in that to do the hold-to-call-from-anywhere trick.

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