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    I am looking for a decent Bluetooth stereo headphone set. I have used a Cellink BTST-9000D for several years, and it has served me well, but is worn out, and they don't seem to be available any more.

    I have a Centro, and want something that will give me stereo sound while listening to music, and will also work with mono audiobooks (sound needs to go to both ears, not just one side) as well as working as a phone headset.

    I need something that will also work with my motorcycle helmet, so behind the head style headphones, or dual unit over the ear (wired or wireless connection between the two earpieces is ok) style.

    Price is a factor, but I want something decent. The Cellink BTST-9000D was great at twenty something dollars, but I will consider more expensive units.

    So, does anyone have any suggestions?

    Note: I own Softick Audio Gateway so my phone DOES handle A2DP!

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    I have the LG HBS-200 set and LOVE them! They're behind-the-head style stereo Bluetooth and handle calls well.

    I bought them maybe 6 months ago for $25 new in packaging on eBay & saw the exact same pair for $129 at Best Buy. Not sure if that's a common find for them, or I just got lucky & nobody else bid..

    They have every control you could ever want right on the earpieces & I've never lost a connection. In fact, when I clean my car I put my phone in the center console & get crystal clear sound the entire time & I've even walked into the house & it kept connection through the car & the outside wall of the house.

    The only thing I don't know about is audiobooks, as I've never listened to one. Do they play in pTunes? If so, give me a link to a free download & I'll test it out for you.
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    Motorola S9. Works well with SAG. Not great for talking. Jabra 8040 goes only in one ear. I like it because you can hear your environment with the uncovered ear, supports one ear stereo BT (an oxymoron, I know), and works well for talking. Also works with SAG.
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    I use the Jabra BT3030 dog tag bt stereo receiver and use bose in ear headphones. I love it, a little expensive but great sound and you can use whatever headphones you want with it.
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    $19.99 for the LG HBS 200 referenced above
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    i have a Jabra BT620s and i find it very poor soundwise. So don't waste your money on that.

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