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    I recently upgraded from a Treo 650 to a Palm Centro running Palm OS. After transferring all my data and apps to the new device, I opened ThoughtManager v. 2.85 and it asked me to complete my registration by entering my registration code in the ThoughtManager Desktop but after opening ThoughtManager Desktop v. 1.28 it didn't prompt me to enter the registration code and I couldn't find anywhere to enter it. It doesn't seem to want to sync w/o completing this process. To exasperate matters, I emailed HandsHigh (the developer) from their website last week and have yet to hear back from them and today, their website is inaccessible. Does anyone know how to fix this or know what's going on at HandsHigh??? I have a lot of Outlines already in their and I would like to keep them sync'd.
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    ThoughtManager has done this to me a couple times when uninstalling and reinstalling. Make sure you have your reg codes. Find your ThoughtManager folder on your desktop (usaully in your Palm folder with your Memos, Contacts, and Calander backups) and copy it. Then uninstall ThoughtManager from your device and ThoughtManager Desktop from the computer. Finally, reinstall ThoughtManager Desktop. It should tell you it needs to install apps on your device. Let it. Then hotsync at least once. Last, replace the ThoughtManager folder with the one you copied, and do a custom hotsync with desktop overriding the device.

    That should do it.
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    Thanks for the help. It worked and I appreciate it; big time!

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