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    Hi guys -

    My Centro died from a mysterious moisture condensation so I decided to resurrect my old 650. Re-learned basics of Custom ROM and now my old 650 is rock solid. That made me buy another unlocked 650 on eBay to play with but this one is not cooperating with me as well.

    IMEI = blank
    HS SN = PTAxxxxxxxxxx, so OK
    SA Number = blank
    Firmware = blank
    Software = Treo650-1.20-APR
    Hardware = A

    All I want to do is to convert to:

    Firmware = 01.71
    Software = Treo650-1.20-ENA

    First I changed token from APR to ENA, using ROMTool, and tried to run Palm's 1.20 ENA updater from the desktop - this did not work due to a verification error. And I cannot find a SD version of updater any longer.

    So, here are my questions:

    1. Does SD updater work in this scenario?
    2. Does anyone still has a SD version of 1.20 ENA updater?
    3. I understand there will be a "wasted" space on ROM if I succeed in changing to ENA version - is there anyway to "reclaim" that space?

    I did my research and I am OK to a point but apparently I am missing something here. Many of you must have gone through this a few years ago. If you still remember how to do this, please let me know.

    Thank you, all.
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    Update -

    Success to some extent. Changed APR to ENA. Using older HotSync, Palm Updater did successfully run. Firmware version still does not appear but I suspect it was updated. Earlier failure was due to the use of newer HotSync.

    Thank you.

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