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    How do you edit the remembered history city list in the Contacts application on the handheld?

    Treo 700p Palm version 5.0

    When adding a new contact:City field the handheld has a list of previous cities and when you enter data it completes the field based on what it remembers as you enter letters(same for the state field).

    This is a good thing unless you misspelled the city originally.
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    I don't think it remembers anything other than what is currently in the contacts database. Are you sure you don't have an incorrect entry somewhere still?
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    I did two searches(both regular and private). A find application that I have used in years and the desktop find. I have a city spelled "Lake woet" somewhere in a rememberd feature. It should be "Lake Worth". Both searchs finds "Worth", but any type of search that looks for "woet" using either handeld or the desktop does not find anything.

    So there must be a hidden storage of rememberd strings somewhere. It is not in any of the contacts(regular or hidden).

    As soon as I enter the "L" wanting to type "Lake Worth" in the city field, the misspelled version "Lake Woet" comes up highlighted in Yellow.

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    AddressCitiesDB in RAM
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