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    I've been using "Web/Blazer", but it's a real dog - slow even when in 'optimized' mode, can't see the whole pages etc. What options do I have? Is using PhoneFavs worth the trouble? Thanks!
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    PhoneFavs is just a website. You will still have to use Blazer to get there.

    The browsers available on your 755 are limited, and when it comes down to it, people generally agree that Blazer is the best of the bunch.
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    I heartily disagree. Despite stability issues, Opera is so much better than Blazer it isn't funny. Pretty much the only times I use Blazer is if I need to download several files or do a lot of Youtube surfing, and that's because a signed version of Opera that can access the filesystem directly is not available. Opera is much easier to use, more pleasant and much faster.

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