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    I've been searching but I can't find the answer.
    Everytime I send or receive a SMS, the volumes & sounds go to Off.
    I have to reset them after each message. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Where did everybody go?
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    Sorry about that, you can blame the Pre . You could have data corruption on the SMS messages. Don't know how much messages you have but do you backup?
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    No problem I'm waiting, along with everyone for Pre-day. Unfortunately, I'm with Verizon, so I'll be waiting an extra long time .
    I do not have anything backed up, but I will get a back up program. What do I do after I back everything up? Hard reset?
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    After you backup, I suggest trying some tools like TreoDesktop to rebuild your SMS. That way, you can peruse your SMS messages, clean it up and load it back to your Palm.
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    Thank you for the suggestions. I gave it a try, and it still happens.
    Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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    Wow, I suspect a bad software or install that corrupted something on your Treo. If you have the backup software installed and done, my next suggestion is to hard reset and re-install the software one by one. Be patient to try to install one each day since the problem may not manifest itself easily if you install them all at the same time.

    You can however, restore your SMS from the TreoDesktop after the hardreset. At least you could verify if something in the data is causing the problem.

    I always try to weed out the software issues first.

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